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Punjabi Matrimony

Punjabi wedding is a fun-filled occasion for all. Dhol beats, loud music, delicious food, extreme fashion are some factor which makes the Punjabi Matrimony so crazy. If you are a peaceful person, then the Punjabi wedding is not for you. If you are bored with your life and want some twist, then must attend the Punjabi wedding.

Hindu versus Punjabi wedding

There is a lot of difference between Hindu and Punjabi wedding. Hindu wedding is typically based on the Hinduism and they take seven rounds against the holy fire and the priest continues chanting the mantras, But Punjabi wedding is performed under the Sikhism. The wedding day ceremonies are performed in the Sikh temple only and they take four rounds under the supervision of holy book and these four rounds known as Lava. In these four lavas, they promise each other to live together for long life in all situations. Punjabi weddings are so unique due to the wedding day ceremonies only because all ceremonies are done under the supervision of Shri Guru Granth Shaib and take permission to start major wedding task and thank you to God complete successfully.

Drinking Part

Almost there is no religion who gave permission to serve drinks in the wedding venue except the Christian wedding, but with the time change they serve drinks, but in the Punjabi wedding, if the wedding is held in Sikh temple, there are strictly banned alcohol and other alcohol-related products.

Food part

In an Indian wedding, Delicious foods are served to the guest. According to the community or religion, veg and no veg foods are prepared and served. In a Punjabi Matrimony, Mostly vegetation food is only served.

Music part

In a Punjabi wedding, music is Punjabi and also related to its traditions. According to Regions, it is changed, but Punjabi music is a rock and loud.

Beautiful girls and boys

At the wedding day, Beautiful boys and girls are gathered in one place and there is a chance to find a life partner.

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