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Things Happen At Punjabi Wedding

Punjabi wedding is the most fun-filled wedding in India. It is not only fun-filled, but various small emotional moments make the Punjabi wedding ‘big fat’. All the small moments are fun-filled and full of emotions. Here is a small list of Punjabi Matrimony moment which makes it so different and fun-filled.

Late Baraat

You must see or listen that baraat is usually reached late at the wedding venue because Punjabi people like dance and they have danced a lot in front of the baraat. Like this, they represent that they are very happy.

The bar is always there

Mostly Punjabi’s are fond of drinks, and without drink Punjabi wedding is nothing.

Bar in a car

In case the bar is not present at the wedding. They make own bar in a car and without the drink, Punjabi people can’t dance. Like alcohol is charger of Punjabi’s.

Dhol Wala

Punjabi wedding is incomplete without Dhol. It is also a culture. Music starts with the DJ but ends with dhol beats. 

Throwing Notes

Throwing notes is common in a Punjabi Wedding. They throw notes while dancing to show how they are happy.

Matchmaking Aunties

Marriage is going on and some aunties are in search of who is the next.

Folk Songs

Before two or three, Punjabi wedding ceremonies start. During the ceremony, ladies sing their traditional songs which represent to Punjabi culture.

Good Food

No doubt, a variety of endless food, snacks and drinks are available at the wedding. Sometime you will be confused about what to eat or what not to eat.

Couple Dance

At the end of the wedding, the newlywed couple is performed at some romantic songs.

Some Serious Drinkers

At the wedding, there are a few tables where serious drunker are continue drinking and they never satisfy with few drinks.

Bright and Glittery Dresses

In a Punjabi wedding, people wear the bright and glittery dress which shows the richness and color of these dresses are also bright., an initiative of the NRI Marriage Bureau, has been helping people from the Punjabi-speaking community around the world find their perfect life partner.

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